Wildenfree Siberian Huskies

"In his dreams even the most domesticated dog is Wild and Free"

About Me

I have worked for many years with many different breeds of dogs & I have found Siberian Huskies to be the most pleasurable in their beauty, gentility, alert manner & overall fun attitude to life, on the other hand they are the most arrogant, ignorant stubborn breeds i have ever experienced. Most breeds like to please their owners, Huskies like to please themselves!.As amiable as they are towards man & dog they are also capable of playing the cold, calculating killer towards anything that chances to cross their path.

Provided they get enough exercise, mental stimulation & positive training they can make an extremely rewarding pet & lifelong companion, untrained they can be an absolute nightmare to live with, escaping at every opportunity, Olympic standard hole digging, ripping unattended washing to shreds, wanton theft, the mindless murder of small woodland creatures & general all round skulduggery!