Wildenfree Siberian Huskies

"In his dreams even the most domesticated dog is Wild and Free"


Siberian Huskies just love to run, if you feel you do not want to work them with a rig/sled or scooter why not try canicross....
Sandra  and Emma each  own a team of Wildenfree Siberian Huskies and do just that, they literally runs miles with their dogs and compete in canicross competitions throughout the country.

You can visit Sandra's site at http://www.huskiesrunning.com/index.shtml

"Home of the “K” Pack. We are huskies that love to run and love to be around humans. We run races from one mile to 50 mile races, usually with our human running partners, Sandra and Ian. We are faster and smarter than them, but sometimes we pretend that is not the case....."

                                                                                    Sandra & her Team                                

                                Emma & her team