Wildenfree Siberian Huskies

"In his dreams even the most domesticated dog is Wild and Free"

My Breeding Program

I have been breeding Siberian Huskies for twenty years, I put every possible care & attention into the breeding of my puppies, I fully consider it to be a labour of love.

As the breeder i also feel that i am responsible for every puppy that i produce  for that puppies whole life, so i always ask new owners to sign a contract to make sure they return the dog to me if they are unable to to provide a home for him any longer, i can then ensure that dog is re homed properly.

My adults are kept fit & healthy with plenty of exercise, good feeding, annual vaccinations, regular grooming, worming & defleaing.

Every dog is eye tested & hip scored. My dogs are are always kept mentally stimulated, a very important thing in a Siberian husky!. I ensure the bitches are not over bred & are allowed plenty of time to rest & recuperate after their litter.I have spent years working out pedigrees & hopefully this has gone a long way towards perfecting my dogs. Wildenfree has a very good reputation for quality within the breed & I want the homes i choose for my puppies to reflect this.No expense is spared in rearing Wildenfree puppies, every care is taken to ensure they leave me as healthy, happy well adjusted young dogs, it is up to the new owners to ensure they stay that way!